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A Turbilhão de Ideias Entretenimento, in 2015, completed 7 years producing entertainment and culture projects . The quality acknowledgment of its shows has been gathered through nominations for the country's top awards, like Shell Award, APTR Award, APCA Award, Zilka Sallaberry Award and Arte Qualidade Brasil Award.

Focusing the diversity of entertainment platforms, Turbilhão de Ideias also works in the conception and production of exhibitions, publications, workshops and audiovisual content. Turbilhão de Ideias will soon launch "Rio – O Musical” (RIO - The Musical) and its first feature film: “A História de Nós 2, o filme [History of Us 2, the movie"]”.

Over its trajectory, Turbilhão de Ideias has circled across all Brazilian territory bringing more than 20 shows created and produced by itself for an audience of over a million people. .


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Turbilhão de Ideias Entretenimento
Mahatma Gandhi Square, 2 SL. 403 - Odeon Building
CEP: 20031-908 | Rio de Janeiro - RJ Brazil
+55 (21) 2226-8847 / 3442-4432

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